My Friend Meghan

 I want to tell you all about my good friend Meghan! Meghan is a local homeschooled girl who I met about a year ago and immediately lost my heart to. She is a vivacious, enthusiastic, creative, talkative girl who kicks serious butt at designing and making jewelry! We try to meet up at least once a month and make jewelry for a few hours. We usually end up refashioning old pieces of jewelry, buttons, and found objects into new wearable creations. Some of the designs Meghan has come up with just blow my mind!
Meghan started making jewelry around 5, just beading string. She became much more interested around age 8 and decided she wanted it to be a career someday at age 9. She’s 10 now and will be 11 in October.
She has type 1 diabetes and has since she was 2 years old.  And she was diagnosed with moderate to severe dyslexia in first grade. She’s had a lot to overcome for a 10 year old but all the adversity seems to only make her more determined. She wants to go to school one day to be a jeweler and learn to set diamonds and make jewelry for the world to enjoy.
In the words of Meghans mother, Bonnie: “Going to your house to make jewelry is her absolute favorite thing to do. She considers you the big sister she never had. And I never see her more animated or happier than when we leave and she tells me all about her time at your house.”
PicMonkey Collage (17)I expect big things from this pint sized fashion maven, so remember her name!

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