Miniature Gardens!

Ok, confession time – I ADORE miniatures! Doll houses, action figures, tiny porcelain figurines, you name it, if it is tiny and adorable, odds are I love it! Even though I am now an “adult”, I still keep my passion for all things itty bitty, I just don’t have as much time or space for them. (Sadface)

However, I make room for what I can!

I have recently been introduced to the enchanting world of miniature gardening and I of course fell head over heels for the diminutive walkways, petite trellises, and pint sized plants.  So being crafty, can you imagine what I did? I made my very own miniature garden of course!

Miniature Garden

I have a selection of succulents, a bed of mixed seedums, a sweet little fern, and a dwarf wisteria! The dwarf wisteria is by far my favorite, as it has beautiful foliage and looks just like a full sized tree when arranged other scaled items, such as this little chair I made.

Miniature Garden with Tiny Chair

I plan on possibly moving the fern, as it does not like the same amount of sun that all the other plants do, but otherwise I am really happy with how my tiny garden turned out!

Miniature path through garden

Have you ever made a miniature garden, owned a dollhouse, or coveted some tiny treasure?


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