Introducing the Switch Earring System

Do you have sensitive skin? Well I sure do! Just putting in a pair of earrings, no matter the material, used to make my ears red, itchy, and sore! It got to the point where I was about ready to let my ears heal up and resign myself to a life of clip ons. I was not pleased with this plan, but I couldn’t deal with beautiful earrings causing me pain.

Then I had a breakthrough! I had made myself a pair of sleeper hoops out of niobium and I left them in undisturbed, except for normal cleaning, for an entire week. No fiddling with the earrings. No changing the hoops out for something else. Nothing.

And my ears stopped hurting.

No, really! The irritation went away entirely after just one week of wearing the same pair of earrings. I was amazed and thrilled, thinking I could switch to something else now, that my ears had just been “going through a phase”.

LOL, nope.

Minutes after putting in a new pair of sterling silver hooks, my ears started to feel sore again.


So, back to the hoops, and a day or two later the little bit of irritation that had cropped up went away.

That is when I figured it out. It wasn’t the material of the earring that was bothering my ears, it was the fact that I was putting a pointy piece of foreign material through a hole in my body, a hole that my body will probably always be actively trying to heal up. The very act of putting in and taking out an earring was bothering my ear. After letting my body acclimate to the metal being there, it calmed down and stopped trying to clear out the piercing.

This was great! But now I had a new(ish) problem. If I was only ever wearing one pair of hoops, how could I still wear my collection of pretty, dangly earrings?

Plier time! I created a tiny hook that I could attach to my earrings in lieu of earwires and simply hook them into the loop on my sleeper hoops.



Taa daa! A way for me to wear ANY earrings I like, without worrying what material the hooks are made of or wondering if my ears would be sore later in the day. I changed over all of my earrings to the new system:




This also means that I can wear earrings even if they are made of a questionable material, as they never touch my ears! I have made my hooks in many different styles, some decorative and some purely functional.


Best of all? I am now going to start carrying them in my Etsy shop FavMoonGirl Creations! Check out my starter listing here, and keep an eye out for new pieces to appear as fast as I can get them listed!


3 responses to “Introducing the Switch Earring System

  1. Okay, just read it and that is a brilliant solution to your problem! im not sure how many people have this condition but I bet its a lot. my sister loves music and is okay with most earrings but I would still love to buy a pair of guitar earrings for her, and I could make them myself, but that is not as cool as buying them from and supporting another artist. sorry for the run on sentence lol

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