Work in Progress – Galaxy Dress!

I am just SO excited with how my current non-jewelry project is coming along! What am I making? A swing dress!


But not just any old swing dress, this one is going to have beautiful galaxies all over the skirt and bodice!


In getting the fabric for this pattern, I hit upon a bit of a snag. Galaxy printed fabric is expensive or only available online!(at least in my area) Why is it being online a problem? Clothing, yarn, fabric, and shoes are all hard for me to buy online as I cannot touch then or try them on and I just don’t trust sizing systems.

But with no galaxy fabric, what is a girl to do?

Create my own, that’s what! Once I had gotten the right kind of stretchy black fabric I needed, I painted the bodice and skirt pieces with high quality acrylics to create nebulous clusters of starstuff.

IMG_1221If you look at them very closely, you can see my fingerprints! (yes, I ended up finger painting for most all of this 🙂 )


I still need to get a contrasting fabric for the top band, the belt, and the neck straps, but you can see how awesome the skirt is going to be once it is all assembled!



I still haven’t decided if I am going to add more paint to enhance the galaxy effect(sponging clouds, shooting stars, etc) but I am very happy with it so far!

Stay tuned to see the finished dress – should be done sometime next week!



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