How to Draw a Tree

If you have bought from me any time recently, then I am sure you noticed the hand drawn tree on your invoice! I love doodling and trees are a shape I had trouble with for years. But I finally came up with a beautiful and easy way to draw them recently, and now I will share that with you 🙂


To draw this tree, I used a brown fine point(but not ultra fine, mind you)marker, a light green chisel tip marker(like a highlighter), and three crayons in green, brown, and pink. You can also use colored pencils in place of the crayons. You will also need a sheet of paper to draw on! If you want to add any embellishments, blue, red, yellow and another shade or two of green are usually good picks.


Lets get started!


To start, take the brown fine point marker and draw a squiggly sideways U shape. Make the side of the U facing the bottom of your page have just one squig and the side facing the top of the page have 2 squigs. Now draw a second U shape that is a mirror image of the first. This is the base for the trunk, roots, and lower branches of your tree. Next, to finish the roots! Draw 5-7 tapered and wiggly upside down V shapes that meet and make points starting from the lower sides of your U shapes. Try to make the roots on the outside longer than the ones on the middle, for a bit of foreshortening.


In the “funnel” of the two U’s make two new V shapes to start the upper branches. Make additional V shapes along both top sides of the U shapes to finish the branches. Make sure to leave the tops of the branches open for where they will disappear into the foliage. The last thing you will draw with the brown marker is a heart, right in the middle of the tree trunk.


Using the pink crayon, fill in the heart. Then, grab the brown crayon! Fill in the space around the heart first, making small strokes so as to not get brown in the pink. Color the whole trunk in with the brown crayon. Try to make the fill lines all point in the same direction on the trunk and branches, to emulate the grain of tree bark.



Now, with the large green chisel tip marker draw a large puffy, almost cloud-shaped halo around the branches of the tree. Add a few wiggles above each branch to show where it enters the main foliage. Using the green crayon, color in the smallest spaces of the branches first, then fill in the rest of the cloud shape with even shading. Use the side of the crayon for better results. And there you go! A lovely tree you drew yourself!


You can leave the tree as is or continue to embellish it with sky, clouds, grass, mushrooms, whatever you like! Now frame that sucker and hang up your masterpiece 🙂


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