Flower Power Earrings and Necklaces – A FavMoonGirl History

Did you see the big news from last week? I have brought back my swirly flower earrings!


I used to make and sell these little guys all the time! I moved away from them for a while to focus on designing and making piercings in niobium and titanium, but now that I have established that line, the flowers have returned to FavMoonGirl Designs!

I originally made these flowers as part of a birthday present for a friend, years ago, but I didn’t realize just how much everyone loved them until I started making them at craft shows. My family and I used to sell our handmade chainmaille jewelry at craft shows, before we started selling supplies. I would usually set up a small table in our booth and work on new pieces or customize purchases for customers.


One day I was trying to translate my free-form flower(the original birthday gift that started it all) to a Wig-Jig design so that I could make them faster and more consistently, when a mother and her small daughter came to look at our booth. The little girl wanted to look and touch ALL of the pretty things and her mother was trying very hard to keep her from getting into trouble while still looking at our wares herself.

I had an idea, and I called the pair over saying “Good morning! Would your daughter like to see me make a wire flower?”

The mother came right over and pointed out my work to the girl and she immediately became interested. The mother gave me a grateful smile and went about browsing in peace. When I had finished making the flower, I asked the little girl what her favorite color was.

“Pink is my favorite color.” She lisped.

“Well then, how about I make another flower, in pink, just for you. Would you like that?”

A shy nod followed by a sweet smile.

And so I made a bright pink flower and threaded it on a soft pink ribbon I had tucked away in my project box so she could wear the flower as a necklace.

That little girl had a smile the size of the sun when I presented her with that necklace! She ran right to her mother and proudly modeled it, talking a mile a minute about how it was her very favorite color.  Her mother came over when she was done browsing and tried to pay for the necklace, but I insisted that it was a free gift. Both mother and daughter left our booth very happy that day:-)

Seeing what a success this was, my parents and I agreed that I should set my table up in front of the booth and offer free flowers to any kid who passed by.


The rest, my friends, is history. I have made hundreds of these sweet little flowers, and I do not plan on stopping any time soon:-)



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