Circlets and Crowns – Not Just for Princesses!

I have a confession to make: I love to wear circlets!

ALL of them

Circlets are actually one of my most worn pieces of jewelry besides earrings. They are fun, flirty, and quite unique! Wherever I wear one, whether it is to a party, for a normal day at work, or when I am out with friends, a circlet gets noticed!

I prefer forehead pieces to more crown-style circlets, but that is because I have a high forehead and having a cool piece of bling there accents my eyes and doesn’t get lost in my hair. I wear two main styles of forehead circlets, the chain and pin kind:



And the wire wrapped, braided, or formed partial circle style:


Most circlets and crowns have some sort of focal point, whether is is a small dangling bead, a net of crystals, or a wire wrapped shape. But, there are also plain braided bands that are great for when you want a less flashy look:


I also get asked “Doesn’t it bother you, having that on your face?” and “How do you keep it on?”. My answers are “No, you get used to it.” and “Bobby pins!(or a headband)”

Let me show you how I put on a circlet.

For the chain and pin style, you have to fiddle with the placement of your first bobby pin a bit, to make sure that your focal will be centered. Do this in front of a mirror and try to take the length of the pin into account when putting the first side in your hair. Pull the chain across your forehead and hold the second pin close to your head, adjusting how the focal hangs, until it looks centered.


Then, when you have it arranged the way you would like, pin the second side into your hair! If you have bangs or any face framing layers, make sure they are not tucked under the chain, as this can look awkward.


For the part-circle design, you can use bobby pins to hold the band in place after you have it arranged on your head, or you can just use a headband! Start with the headband on and lift it on one side. Slide one end of the circlet under the headband and release the elastic to hold that side in place.



Repeat on the other side, making sure the circlet sits snug to your forehead.


Taa daa! Easy peasy:-) Try one and let me know how it turns out!


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