Fake Piercings – A FavMoonGirl History

When I was about 17 I wanted to get my nose pierced. I wanted is so badly! I researched styles, doodled endless pictures, and even looked up where I could get such a piercing done. But sadly, I have such sensitive skin and had a history of piercing issues with my ears, getting my nose pierced would have most likely ended in pain, possibly even corrective surgery.

I was heartbroken, until I found an old bag of flat back rhinestones and some latex glue left over from a long forgotten Halloween costume! A little drop of glue and a healthy dash of patience for when the rhinestone decided to glue itself to my finger instead of my nose, and voila! Instant fake nose stud that could pass for the real deal, even in a crowd of teenagers.

But what about hoop style nose piercings I wondered? Heck, I work with wire all the time, I must be able to come up with something…how about this?


They weren’t pokey like many commercial fake hoops are and I could adjust them to grip my nose as tightly or as loosely as I wanted. Best of all, they also looked real!


I was very happy with my new creations and I wore them all the time. One of the big perks(besides no pain!) was that I could take the hoop off any time and have no hole to cover or worry about closing up! This was great for social events where a nose ring wouldn’t have been exactly welcome, or times when wearing a nose ring might have been hazardous(hello paintball-dodge-ball-capture-the-flag Tuesdays).

I started to branch out from the original simple hoop to a cute little swirl:


And even a bold little flower!


My favorite Faker design that I have made so far has to be the tiny beaded lucky clover I crated for Saint Patrick’s day a few years back, it is just too darn cute!


I am currently working on a new line of fake piercings for locations besides your nose, such as ear, lip, and possibly eyebrow. Keep an eye out for them in my shop in the coming months!


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