Niobium and Titanium – Colorful, Lightweight, and Hypoallergenic!

Today I am going to tell you all a little more about my two favorite materials for piercings: niobium and titanium!


Why are these two metals so awesome? Well, first(and most importantly)they are both hypoallergenic! Titanium is used in surgical implants because it is lightweight and virtually non-reactive to the body. Niobium is also used for some surgical applications, but it has also been used in various aerospace programs due to its durability. They both are well suited to piercings for even the most sensitive skin as they are pure, non reactive metals.


Next: COLORS! Love your surgical steel hoops but wish for a little more pizzaz? Niobium and titanium are here for you! Both metals can be anodized for a wide range of beautiful hues. Anodizing is a process where an electrical current is passed through the piece while submerged in  conductive bath. The voltage of the current determines the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of the metal, which in turn determines the wavelength of light that is reflected back to the eye, creating durable, beautiful colors that retain all of the hypoallergenic properties of titanium and niobium.


I have found that niobium yields a highly saturated range of colors, while titanium usually turns out a more pastel assortment.

I have red hair and very fair skin that is sensitive to EVERYthing! This means that I cannot wear most metals without being irritated in some way or another. Neither of these metals bother me one bit! After the initial trauma of putting a new earring in has passed, I have no further inflammation or soreness due to the metal. I wear a pair of purple niobium hoops 24/7 and just hook specially modified earrings onto them to further avoid bothering my ears.


And there you have it! Durable, beautiful, and non reactive, niobium and titanium are fantastic picks for all of your piercing needs!


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