New Toy!

Yay! I have a new toy – I mean, tool…ha!

The other day I decided that I wanted a cleaner, easier way to package my piercings, so I got a heat sealer and little baggies to go with it! As you can tell, I went a little crazy sealing up all my stock pieces…..


IMG_0394.JPG (2)Now I can individually sterilize and seal all of the piercings I sell, which is a huge plus!

IMG_0395.JPG (2)I think I had fun doing it…:-)

IMG_0396.JPG (2)Now when you buy from me, you know for sure everything is kept clean throughout shipping! (not that is wasn’t before, but this way it is sealed until you receive it and open it yourself.)

Also, I have lots of pieces in stock, so orders are going out same day of purchace:-)


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