Date Night!

Yes! I took Aaron out on a date last night 🙂

We try to go out, or at least hang out and have some fun once or twice a week, if we can work it into our schedules. So, this week was a theater show!

We have two great theater groups here in Rolla, Ozarks Actors Theater and Fine Linen, and they share the Ceder Street Theater. The new show Into The Woods just started playing and I knew we had to go see it!

1078866_10200328769444213_570062213_oIt was funny, clever, thoughtful, and a little sad at times. My friend Benjamin played Rapunzel’s Prince and was brilliant!

All in all, it was a spectacular evening, as Aaron and I topped it off with a walk in the park where we went on our very first date, coming up on a year ago this October 🙂

Handsome CoupleWe make quite the handsome couple, don’t we?

Oh, yes, that is right, I also cut my hair, but that is another post entirely!


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