What to wear…?

There is an English Country Dance coming up this Saturday! YAY!

Now, I am actually in a little bit of a pickle here. See, I like to wear something different to every dance, even if it is just wearing a different top with the skirt I have worn for 3 dances in a row. But, this month, I really wanted to wear something a little bit more exciting! Jillian over at Refashionista.net got me inspired to try my own refashion!

Now, I know how to sew, both by hand and with a machine, but usually it is just too much work to get the machine out, locate a place to put it that is roomy, sturdy and near a power outlet, find a bobbin and spool of the same color thread(or worse, fill a bobbin!), adjust the tension, pin all my hems(stab myself a few times) and then finally get to sewing my seams. And then put it away. Oh, and usually find out I missed a seam somewhere or decide to add something else AFTER putting it away.

I’m patient, just not that patient most of the time. Need both a deadline and a nice/easy design to get the motivation worked up to get it all set to go. 🙂

And I guess I have that this time!

So, here are the two pieces I am starting with:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis wonderfully patterned tent skirt which is obviously too big to wear without some sort of modification, and:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis lovely grey jersey nightgown whose straps are bizarrely short, making the top part sit all wrong on anyone with any amount of boobage.

Now, the chopping, pinning, and sewing starts! I should have this done by tonight, and I will let you guys know how it turns out!



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