Sorry Y’all…

Ahhh! It has been 5 days since I last posted! Uncool Leah, seriously uncool.

So, jumping right back into things by sharing a few blogs that I myself love and follow obsessively!

This one I just found and I love! She has inspired me to plan a gagillion refash projects of my own, with little hope of getting more than one or two done between all the many other things I am also working on 🙂

The Mighty and Inspiring Fashionista!


This blog is slightly out of date, but it belongs to a fabulous girl that I met at the William Holland School in GA. She makes amazing organic body products that are just to die for!

The Beautiful Simple Siren


Another out of date blog, but fun to read back in and see this lovey gals story. This is actually a customer of mine! You can see her wearing a pair of earrings she purchased from me in some of her update photos 🙂

The Smashing Bald Ginger!


And of course my list of favorite blogs would not be complete without adding the How To Hair Girl! I have found SO many great tips on this blog, I love it! (this is actually where I got the directions to cut/dye my hair not long ago! Check out her reader submissions to check out my story there)

The Fabulous How To Hair Girl


And then of course there is Thanks, I Made It, Jim’s Pancakes, and the Pretty Blog(another customer!)

So, now you guys have some places to go if I am neglectful again. Yay for the internet!!!


3 responses to “Sorry Y’all…

  1. Jim’s Pancakes has got to be one of the niftiest blogs I’ve seen! Who knew you could make pancake creatures that would actually STAND UP! Thank you for sharing!

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