Fireworks, Flags, and BBQ, Oh My!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Now, something you gotta know about me, I love ANY excuse to dress up a little, or put together a “seasonal” outfit, or to paint my nails for a specific outing. Independence Day is no different! I have my favorite red, white, and blue wedge heels, sparkly earrings, star shaped faux shell piercing, and to top it all off fireworks and flags painted on my nails!


4th of July Nails

I actually owe this burst of patriotic painting to a great tip I picked up about detail work for nails while at swing dance last night. Paint a base coat of nailpolish and then use a very small brush with normal acrylic paints to do all of the nitty gritty bits. It dries a LOT faster than nailpolish does and looks just as goo, if not better. Just need to top it with a nice coat of clear polish to protect your hard work!


Now, I am off to get the last of the barbeque sauce out from under my fingernails, work up some more new earring and earwire designs, and then to the carnival and fireworks with my boyfriend!


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