Epic Headphones!

So, I saw this tutorial the other day and just fell head over heels in love with the idea! I lost no time finding a pair of Urban Ears Platten headphones on sale and ordering them so I could get started ASAP!
Now, I need one more thing to do like a hole in the head, but there were a few factors that tipped me well into the “don’t care, wanna make ’em anyway” zone.
A. I really prefer over-the-ear headphones to earbuds. They have better sound and look totally cool. Also, my ears just don’t seem to be the right shape for earbuds to fit, stay put, and be comfortable. Trust me, I have been through enough pairs to know.

B. I mean, how cool are those?!? And being able to personalize them like that, I would have the coolest headphones EVER!

C. I found them on sale for HALF PRICE. Nuff said.

So, here they are, pristine and white, right out of the box, just waiting to be awesomafied. Of course, I had to try them out for sound quality and OMG,(I almost NEVER say that, mind you) they have beautiful sound!

Stay tuned for progress updates as I work on them!


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