My Airstream Trailer

I have had this 25ft vintage Airstream trailer for a little over two years now and when I bought it, it actually came with the “Burger Wars” vinyl wrap on the outside and full burger decor and upholstery on the inside. It’s totally cute and fun, but I dunno…I am kinda ready for something a little more “me” and maybe a tad more grown-up(or at least prettier!)
Therefore, I am removing the wrap for possible re-wrap, or at least de-burgerizing. I haven’t broken out the heat gun yet, but have been peeling off pieces by hand. I only remove a little bit at a time, but look at the progress of only a week!

My Airstream Trailer

I have the entire front window clear, as well as a good 4-5 foot square area on the front left corner. At this rate I will probably have it done right before I am ready to leave for collage… 😉


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